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Artist Shane Grammer, who once hailed from nearby Chico, is using his creative abilities to find beauty among the ashes. On December 31, he began painting murals on parts of the Paradise community ravaged by flames. “[I wanted to] paint something that brought hope in the middle of complete destruction,” Grammer wrote on Instagram.


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Since last January, creative director for theme parks and former graffiti artist Shane Grammer has begun an artistic project that is bringing a ray of hope to the streets of Paradise. Grammer told AccuWeather that everything happened in a spontaneous way. In essence, the project was born because of the spiritual connection he feels with this place and as a way of honoring the memories he lived in this place.


While the rest of the world saw the scorched aftermath of the most destructive wildfire in California’s history, artist Shane Grammer saw an empty canvas on which to create beauty and, perhaps, hope.


Grammar traveled from Los Angeles to Paradise to paint the mural on his friend Edwards fireplace on December 31. It took him approximately two hours to complete. It can be seen if you are driving up Clark Road in Paradise.

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Shane Grammer said that he had endured emotional distress as a result of the project, but “as an artist, the dream is to move people with your art… and I could see how it moved (the residents of Paradise)”. After photos of his initial murals went viral, Shane Grammer’s Facebook page was flooded with support and requests from other fire survivors to do paintings for them.