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One of the best things about being a painter is getting to know other artists on a deeper level. So let me share a little about myself.


Discover Shane Grammer, an urban-inspired artist whose creativity transcends boundaries, manifesting in vibrant murals, captivating art installations, and intricate sculptures. As a seasoned professional, Shane excels in directing, managing, and leading teams across conceptual design, fabrication, and the installation of global projects. His artistic footprint spans cities worldwide, gracing places like Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Cambodia, South Korea, and Dubai, with his paintings prominently displayed in Disney Park Galleries across the globe.

Shane's achievements include noteworthy coverage in the LA Times for his work in Paradise, acknowledgment as one of the Best Pictures of 2019 by the Associated Press, and features in prestigious publications like the New York Times and Washington Post. His engaging presence extends to appearances on NBC's Sunday Morning Show with Willie Geist and National Geographic.

Shane's core message emphasizes the power of surrounding oneself with positivity and uplifting influences, fostering a shared passion for art and success. Driven by a desire to leave a meaningful legacy in the creative realm, Shane aspires to witness fellow creatives flourish and succeed on their artistic journeys.


Join the journey through Shane's artistic story, where his mix of creative passions, learned skills, and global adventures sparks a genuine passion. More than just making art, Shane's all about creating pieces that connect with people and bring positivity to the world. He dreams of leaving a lasting mark on the art scene, blending beauty with a bit of boldness.

In Shane's own words, he reflects, "I wish I wouldā€™ve met someone like me when I was 16." This sentiment drives his mission: helping upcoming creatives grow, providing them with guidance and tools to navigate their artistic path. Beyond personal goals, Shane aims to inspire others to add vibrancy and beauty to the world through their creative expressions. He's all about building a community where creatives not only survive but thrive as lively and successful businesses.


My artistic journey centers on pushing the boundaries of creativity, forging artworks that resonate profoundly. Beyond personal objectives, my aim is to ignite inspiration and bolster fellow creatives in their pursuit of passion. Through my artistic expression, I aspire to sculpt a transformative narrative, imprinting a lasting essence on individuals, communities, and regions. This mission springs from a profound desire to contribute to the world's enrichment and vibrancy, intertwining a mosaic of shared experiences and emotions through the impactful language of creativity.


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